About Rockfield Medical Devices

Rockfield Medical Devices is an innovative SME in the area of human centered design process in the medical device industry.

The company is led by its founder and has a very strong team made up of several acknowledged experts from the medical device industry and from research and design.

Our Advisory Board is comprised of industry experts in addition to medical and health experts.

Our Mission Statement

To foster a human focused approach to medical devices innovation by designing, developing, and marketing new patented technologies in the medical device field; specifically the enteral feeding device sector.

Our products will fill disposable and mobile niches superseding current and projected requirements of users.

What is our aim?

Rockfield aims to be a leading innovator in the enteral feeding market globally and strives to achieve exemplary end user satisfaction with our plug and play technologies through innovative design, usability and mobility.

Development Plans

Plans for future development by RMD include additional patented products and technologies to be created by the Company to take the lead into the future. It is the objective of RMD to both innovate and market its products. Having established a strong industry reputation, expansion into other medical device areas becomes potentially rewarding.

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I would love a more portable user friendly way of feeding… his feeding does confine him.