Tomás ThompsonFounder

Tomas is founder & CEO of Rockfield Medical Devices, an innovative SME which employs 7 people and is developing mobile tube feeding systems

As a user of enteral (tube) feeding due to having cystic fibrosis, Tomas understands how important it is to have a user-friendly, mobile enteral feeding system, so life can carry on as normal as possible. He strongly believes that enteral feed users deserve more than current outdated systems offer. Tomas has raised seed funding of €1 million to build the team at Rockfield Medical Devices and start development of a pipeline of products for the global enteral feeding devices market.  

The innovative Rockfield enteral feeding system (‘Mobility+’) will have huge benefits for user’s quality of life. It is extremely light, silent, maintenance-free, easy to use, works without electricity and is wearable, allowing users to have active physical and social lives while feeding. It can also be e-connected, so users, carers or clinicians can easily track feeding data on their smartphone.

Rockfield has won best emerging business in 2015, was a regional finalist in Seedcorn competition, was awarded the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Seal of Excellence in 2018, and was nominated for an Innovator award (Oley Foundation, US, 2018). Furthermore, a grant has recently been awarded to Rockfield under INCluSilver (Innovation in personalised nutrition for the silver population), an EU Horizon 2020 project.

Tomas has gained significant traction with target customers and stakeholder groups in the industry, with key global players expressing their captivation and interest in the innovative game changing ‘Mobility+’ device.

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