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Rockfield Medical Devices


We focus on human centered design, to improve users quality of life.

The Future of Tube Feeding

Rockfield Medical Devices is developing a mechanical pump which delivers enteral feed to the user without the need for gravity or electronics.


Empowering active feeding.


Take part in normal physical activities while feeding on the go


Move about freely while feeding, with a light and easy to use feeding system


Freedom to move.


Silence while feeding.


Feed in silence, while you work, with no noise or alarms disturbing you or others


Only you will know about it.


Feed discreetly, wearing the system under regular clothing or in a bag of your choice, from hand bags to back packs

The innovative Rockfield Medical Devices tube-feeding system can have huge benefits for user’s quality of life.

It is extremely light, silent, easy to use, works without electricity and is wearable, allowing users to have active physical and social lives while feeding.

The system is maintenance free as it is designed for 24 hour use.

Works without electricity


Works without gravity




Can be e-connected*


*Future concept. Not yet available

How it Works

Simple as 1-2-3.

Rockfield Medical Devices is developing a mechanical pump integrated within a feeding pouch which delivers tube feed without the need for gravity.

The system can be filled with tube feed by users or carers, in the home or clinical settings. It is for single patient use and can be used for 24 hrs before being disposed of. 

It delivers feed to the user independent of any electronics. Once it is filled, a giving set is attached which regulates the flow rate. 


After filling the feeding pouch, connect the giving set to the feeding pouch, and to your feeding tube


Attach the feeding pouch to your body by wearing it in a bag, or under regular clothing


Go about your normal life while easily feeding on the move!

Please note this product is not yet available on the market and FDA clearance is pending.

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