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We focus on human centered design, to improve users quality of life.

Rockfield Medical Devices have conducted extensive research with users, carers, medical teams and industry experts in Europe and the United States. This research has highlighted the main issues with current tube feeding systems are lack of mobility, noise & loud alarms, lack of discretion during feeding, spills and mess, and complex, time-consuming set-up.

Our research has validated the need for a user-friendly tube feeding system that offers more mobility, and ability to feed silently and discreetly while on the move.


Rockfield has gained significant traction with target customers, user & advocacy groups, and industry stakeholders, with key global players expressing their interest and captivation in the innovative game changing tube-feeding system.

There has been very limited innovation in enteral pump development1. In fact, a recent Transparency market report has highlighted that a simple tube feeding system is much needed in the market: ‘A company that offers products with fewer complications than currently available enteral feeding pumps will gain a strong platform2’.

1 (Ojo 2015).
2 (Transparency Market Research 2013 – 1029)


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