The future of tube feeding


Mobility+TM Receives New HCPCS Code B4148

Mobility+TM FDA Cleared


Rockfield Medical Devices is a developer of innovative feed delivery systems which can transform the mobility and quality of life of those on tube feeding.

Our discreet mobile feeding system is lightweight, user friendly and works independent of any electronics.

The future of tube feeding.


Through the human centered design of Mobility+TM, we have solved the following pain points


Users find that current tube feeding systems interfere with family life and social activities. To improve quality of life for users, a tube feeding system that is light and easy to use, mobile, discreet and silent is much needed. Rockfield Medical Devices is working hard to improve users quality of life.

Keeping you mobile.

Our product can allow users to have active physical and social lives while feeding, transforming their quality of life.

our product

An easier way to tube-feed, so you can continue being you.

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